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5 steps to a healthier you

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BY DR. MICHELLE Q. PISCIOTTA   With the new year here, most of us are assessing how our lives are progressing. Are we where we want to be at this stage in our life? How are our children doing? How is our career? Our finances? And especially, how is our health? As we look at all of the things in life that we hold dear, if our health is failing…

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By Chantell Barkum   For business owners, it’s hard to ignore the increasing presence of businesses on social networks. The use of social media for business purposes has increased dramatically over the last decade. In fact, LinkedIn partnered with TNS market research firm to survey approximately 1,000 small business owners and discovered that approximately 81 percent of those businesses use social media to drive business growth, while 9 percent plan…

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Smell of success

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By Kelsie Dove Customers of Marina Cottage Soap Co. in Ocean Springs might never guess that the shop’s quaint little storefront packed with skin-care products serves as headquarters for a company with more than 100 products sold in 600 stores across the nation and Canada. Instead of a huge factory-meets-department store vibe one might expect from a company with such a large distribution, Marina Cottage invites customers into a cozy,…

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Mississippi, the beautiful?

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By RON BARNES Mississippi, the beautiful. I really want to believe this statement is one of fact, but the eye says differently. I try to defend Mississippi at all times, especially to those who make judgments about our state but have never actually been here. There is one area that I am having a hard time defending — the litter in our waterways and along our streets and highways. How…


You are Gulf Coast Woman

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This is your place to discover new friends and interesting places. Get to know women who are chasing their vision and succeeding and find all kinds of resourceful information. Let us know what you love … because this is your Gulf Coast Woman.


For every loss, I’ve gained

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I could tell you a story about a little girl who grew up experiencing hard times in a broken home in the Mississippi Delta, but instead, I will tell you how unfortunate circumstances of chance turned out to be the greatest foundation for why that little girl now stands on an unwavering mound of immeasurable faith and extreme gratitude for every valley experience she encounters. The center of this gratitude…

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Who I am has and forever will be enough

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I once read that, “You simply will not be the same person after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life.” I truly believe that thankfulness turns what we have into enough. The very decision to smile “regardless of” unlocks the fullness of life. It is at this crossroad that you will have set in motion the biblical truth: The more you have and are…

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Don’t sweat the spilt coffee!

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BY LINDA ORRISON Marketing director of The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint and president-elect of the The National BBQ Association Looking back on my life, I cannot even begin to list the multitude of friends, successes and failures that I am truly thankful for. I do believe that my most important life lesson that God has patiently taught me along my journey is the one I am the most thankful…