fall decor burlap wreath

Fall Decor: Use burlap for texture in fall wreaths, garlands

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By John D. Folding//   Summer barely started and now its fall.  As they say, time flies! We probably shouldn’t complain too much because autumn is the beginning of cooler temperatures and the promise of the holidays.  As you pull out your fall decorations, it’s a good time to take an inventory of your Christmas decorations to make sure storage hasn’t been too hard on them. Taking care of this…

cooking with herbs

Cooking With Herbs

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Dr. Lelia Scott Kelly//   We will never know exactly when or where people started cooking with herbs, but researchers agree that the custom is widespread and ancient – probably as ancient as cooking itself. There have been various theories put forth as to why man started using aromatic plants to season his food: to disguise the foul odor and taste of less than fresh food, to aid digestion, to…

makeup tips women on the go

Quick Make-up tips for women on the go!

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By Jackie Merlau// Jmerlaumakeup.com   The new school year means early mornings. If you’re like me, you’ll want to hit the snooze button to get in those extra Z’s.  How can you cut your beauty routine in half and make your morning time more manageable? Here are some quick tips for the woman on the go:   MOISTURIZE: Always moisturize! Investing in a tinted moisturizer is one of the best ways…

Ellsworth cottage

Ellsworth’s Legacy

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Story and photos by Ellis Anderson// A cherished family home is snatched from the verge of destruction and restored to pay homage to former owner Ellsworth Collins – Bay St. Louis artist, woodworker and musician.   Visitors driving down Sycamore Street in Bay St. Louis are likely to slow down in front of the bright blue cottage in the 200 block.  The color itself is eye-catching enough, a bright Caribbean…

fail faster

Fail Faster

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By Ryan Giles//   I was having lunch with a friend several weeks ago when the topic of success came up.  We discussed factors in a person’s life which can be predictors of success, and the concept of failing faster (which includes testing your theories, learning from your mistakes, and moving to the next idea) was near the top of our list.  Other names by which you may know this…

home color

Creating rooms with color is easier than you think

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Color is a language that evokes a variety of emotions. Organic neutral tones and warmer grey shades provide tranquility and balance to your room design. If you need a design dose of courage to add bolder shades to your living areas, Billie R. Comeaux, corporate designer with American Factory Direct Furniture Outlets Inc., in Long Beach has a rainbow of ideas for you:   Add a ray of sunlight by using metallic accents, whether a lamp or…


Embracing the commitment for a cure: Kathy Santiago, breast cancer survivor

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By Elaine Stevens//   Heads turn when the effervescent blonde walks into a room at the Island View Casino. She lights it up with her smile, her confidence, and her joie de vivre. Kathy Santiago is the Director of Player Relations and Business Development of the popular South Mississippi resort. She is also a breast cancer survivor. No one would ever suspect this consistently buoyant beauty has experienced any tragedy…

Police Badge

Women On The Line: Meet South Mississippi’s female law enforcers

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By Elaine Stevens and Dana Sleger//   While many Gulf Coast women are donning their high heels, femininely tailored business suits, and Pandora jewelry, there is a segment of the South Mississippi female workforce putting on up to 20 pounds of gear that may include bullet-proof vests, duty belts complete with guns and handcuffs, and a badge. No two work days are the same. Never underestimate them, because they handle…

successful women

How they did it! 6 women who are being their own kind of successful.

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By Elaine Stevens// It’s been said that little girls with big dreams become women with vision who achieve success. Gulf Coast Woman will introduce you to six such South Mississippi successful women who have some tips for young professionals. They are a diverse group in age and ethnicity, however they have the commonality of their dreams combined with perseverance. JULIE GRESHAM Work hard—then work harder. An impressive resumé or a…

fall into fashion 2016

Fall Into Fashion

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If you’re wearing velvet, fur, florals or plaids, you’ll be right in step with this season’s fashion-forward dressers. Expect to see luxury and opulence in velvet, brocade and metallic dresses, pantsuits and coats. Fur dresses, stoles, jackets and coats (real and faux) will showcase bold colors and artful prints. Expect to also see plaids and tartans, lace, feline prints, fall florals, romantic florals, fine chinoiserie, pinstripes, leather, denim, shades of…