successful women

How they did it! 6 women who are being their own kind of successful.

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By Elaine Stevens// It’s been said that little girls with big dreams become women with vision who achieve success. Gulf Coast Woman will introduce you to six such South Mississippi successful women who have some tips for young professionals. They are a diverse group in age and ethnicity, however they have the commonality of their dreams combined with perseverance. JULIE GRESHAM Work hard—then work harder. An impressive resumé or a…

fall into fashion 2016

Fall Into Fashion

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If you’re wearing velvet, fur, florals or plaids, you’ll be right in step with this season’s fashion-forward dressers. Expect to see luxury and opulence in velvet, brocade and metallic dresses, pantsuits and coats. Fur dresses, stoles, jackets and coats (real and faux) will showcase bold colors and artful prints. Expect to also see plaids and tartans, lace, feline prints, fall florals, romantic florals, fine chinoiserie, pinstripes, leather, denim, shades of…

Lisa.Mandy.Patty.Michelle (3)

Food Swap saves four families time in the kitchen & and money

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As an assistant principal at a local elementary school, full-time wife and mom, Mandy Lacy discovered that her time is a valuable commodity. Three years ago, she and three of her closest friends, who combined have 14 children and full-time jobs, began a family meal program called Food Swap. Mandy, one of the originators, explains:   “Once a week, each of us selects a meal to cook for the four…

female executives

Female executives talk about corporate climb

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As a working society, much progression has been made over the years with the advancement of women holding leadership positions in areas that may once have been considered nontraditional female roles. However, there is still plenty of room for women to break through the gender gap glass ceiling.   On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, corporate America could take a lesson or two from powerful female leadership that represent a gamut…


Ladies Night is all about positivity and networking

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On the second Wednesday of January, Vicki Applewhite met an old friend for a drink. While there, she bumped into another friend and met the woman with her. The four of them started talking, laughing and sharing. They agreed their time together was great — and that they should get together more often.  Applewhite committed to get something going to help them stay connected with friends, reconnect with old friends, and make…

eyelash extensions

Thinking about getting eyelash extensions?

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By Brandi Bosarge//   Have you ever thought about getting eyelash extensions? There are a few things you should keep in mind. Finding the right person to do your lash extensions is a lot like choosing your hair stylist. Lashes can be expensive, but well worth it if you have the right person. Be careful  if you are looking for a deal. The last thing you want is to have…

Brackish Seafood Restaurant

Brackish Seafood Restaurant opens in Long Beach

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by Chris Dearman   With magnificent views and food to match, Brackish Seafood Restaurant is quickly becoming one of the Gulf Coast’s premier seafood restaurants.   Owners Joey and Kimmy Homrighausen, along with her brother Chef David Dickensauge and his wife Khrysta, recently took over what used to be the Oyster Reef Club in the Long Beach Harbor. They have transformed the décor and created a unique menu compromised of…


Why Investing Is Not Working For Everyone

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By Lee Rogers//   By the time you are reading the article, volatility may have already returned. Volatility means when you feel in your investments that you have been riding a roller-coaster with no opportunity to get off. (I get white-knuckled on the Ferris wheel) *Beacon Capital Management   The evidence of higher volatility is very clear. In fact, the S&P 500 has lost more than 2% 192 days since…

midlife stressed to the max

Stressed to the max! Stress in mid-life and how to cope.

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by Myrna Beth Haskell//   In my thirties, stress usually had to do with raising my children. Almost anything could bring it on. Did I cut the grapes small enough? Is it too pushy to request Mrs. Miller for the third grade? Is that cafeteria bully finally out of elementary school? I would fret if the bus was two minutes late, for goodness sake. Nowadays, I’m still stressed out, but…

fall gardening

Fall Gardening

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By Mississippi Extension Service// Fall gardening is the way to have fresh vegetables right into winter. Many fall gardens are carried over from summer gardens. Tomato plants, okra, peppers, and eggplant, if cared for during the summer, continue to produce until cold slows them down and frost kills them. Keep summer garden going To keep these vegetables producing, control insects and diseases, keep the plants watered and fertilized, and don’t…