Tara Adams now

Losing weight ‘is not about the product, but the state of mind and the choices that you make’

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by Tara Adams// I would like to start by saying, “No matter the circumstance, or situation, or outcome, you matter.” This is something that took me a long time to come to realize. This is not only a weight-loss journey, but a journey of self-discovery. I grew up in a big family where it was easy to get lost amongst everyone. Teasing, name calling and practical jokes seemed to be…

Isabella Tancredi

YOUNG & TALENTED: 16-year-old taking runway to global success

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by Dana Sleger DJ, actor, artist, model, musician, dancer. At just 16 years old, Isabella Tancredi has already garnered the title of a young renaissance woman. She is mature beyond her years — an old soul if you will — and on top of also being smart, funny, humble, beautiful and uber talented, Isabella, exudes a joy for life that is contagious. Whether she’s walking down a runway for a…

healthy skin winter

Skin is in! Get beautiful, radiant skin

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by Mallory Fitzgerald Healthy, radiant skin is in for 2016! If you’ve ever wondered how you can get the J-lo glow, or Jennifer Anniston’s timeless radiance (without the celebrity makeup artist), then read on! These two products — facial masks and serums — will change your skin for the better this new year! FACIAL MASKS Invest in upkeep, or as I like to call it, “preventative maintenance.” Once a week,…

business insurance

A healthy business needs good employees and good insurance

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by Angelyn Treutel Zeringue Blood, sweat, and tears go into a new business startup. You have enough to worry about with establishing your corporate structure, your accounting system, your location, your office layout, your stock, your inventory, and more. However, you also need to protect your investment — and you need help! One of the most important assets you need to protect is your employee. Nothing costs an employer more…

mardi gras party tips

Get the party plan rollin’

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by John D. Folding Nothing says party like Mardi Gras…and nothing says party like Mardi Gras when it’s fast on the heels of Christmas, New Years and knocking on the door of Valentine’s Day! As I was sitting down to write this article, I thought to myself, “Self, why is Mardi Gras on the date it is?” I’m not from ‘round these parts, so don’t laugh at me as you…

kitchen home design


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Article and photography by Ellis Anderson AN artistic family calls on all their construction, real estate and design experience to transform a derelict historic house into a welcoming showplace. Not many people would attempt a full-scale renovation of a historic house long distance. And if they did, chances are the results would be disastrous. Yet Ron and Vicki Rosendahl say they couldn’t have imagined a better outcome for their Bookter…

Roast Corks and Cleaver

A Gustatory Treat

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by Dr. Philip Levin In early November, a new face opened along Gulfport’s 27th Ave. restaurant row. Corks & Cleaver offers Mississippi fare with international flair by owner and chef David W. Dickensauge. As he describes it, “We have big city plating with a southern elegance — down home tastes, comfortable flavors.” “The name came because of our desire to do a wine bistro,” Dickensauge told me, “Corks for the…


More than a makeover!

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by Andrea Yeager By day, she’s an attorney’s executive assistant, by night, she’s a student, and any time, she’s a mechanic and repair person. Tracy Bouma of Waveland loves fixing things — cars, motorcycles, home repairs — but the one thing she couldn’t fix was her dad’s health. She spent two months this past summer as his caregiver in South Bend, Ind. “This year has been hard for me,” Bouma…

college debt help guide

Is college worth it?

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by Lee Rogers A lagging economy and skyrocketing university costs leave many Americans asking, “Is college the right choice for me?” To know the answer, you will need to understand the costs and benefits of a university degree and learn more about planning and saving for college. The decision about whether or not to attend college is a serious one with lifelong implications. Changes in the U.S. economy, a decade…

business investment

Strategic plan will be best investment you’ll make in 2016

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by Karen Sock Investing in a strategic plan is critical to the longterm success of your business or organization. We all get busy and we spend a great deal of time focusing on what is immediately in front of us. Taking care of the daily demands of your business is important. However, planning for the future is equally important. Taking time out of the day-to-day to look at your business…