paige-corner paige riley

Retail Queen: Paige’s Corner

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by Elaine Stevens// Paige’s Corner has grown into a beautiful venture that wraps up boxes of joy especially at Christmastime. Imagine being a 10-year-old South Mississippi girl with your very own tiny gift shop tucked away in the corner of your mother’s larger store. And, in that special place you bought and sold some of your favorite things. That’s how Paige Riley, owner of Hillyer House, began her retail career…

set the table christmas tips for home

Set The Table

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When your holiday guests enter your home, a cornucopia of tasty smells will tickle their taste buds. Next, they marvel at the beautifully arranged table — the centerpiece of the holiday meal. Adding something new and stylish is sure to bring on the compliments.   Gulf Coast Woman found these great finds on a recent shopping trip. 1. (Found at Nella Home Interiors & Gifts, Gulfport) 2. (Found at Layton’s,…


Christmas with Coastal Flair

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By John D. Folding// Photography by William Colgin   One of most exciting things about living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is that we get snow so rarely. This allows holiday decorating to get more local. It has always seemed strange to me to see snowmen and icicle decorations when A) it’s not cold and B) there’s no snow! This is definitely one time of the year when bringing the…

shrimp ms seafood mississippi recipes

Recipes courtesy of MS Seafood

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BILOXI BUTTER 1 lb. boiled Mississippi Gulf shrimp (spicier the better) 1 8 oz. block of cream cheese (room temp) 1/2 stick of butter or margarine (room temp) Garlic powder to taste Peel shrimp and finely chop. Mix all ingredients together. Use as a spread on your favorite crackers. BLOODY MARY OYSTER SHOOTERS 1 cup tomato juice 2 oz. lemon juice 1 oz. lime juice 2 oz. Worcestershire sauce 1…

Donna Brown faces of success

Faces of Success: 3 women who are being their own kind of successful

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by Elaine Stevens//   DONNA BROWN She can shoot a stick bow and hit a squirrel running along a power line. She also has flown and copiloted a hot air balloon. Donna Brown is as diverse as her heritage. Hailing from an Irish Catholic mother and Mohawk Indian father, Donna was born in Waltham, Mass. As a “proud” Air Force brat, the award-winning hotelier and tourism industry professional got the…


Women on the Line: Military Wives

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By Elaine Stevens// Military wives definitely trade in their pearls for his dog tags. However, love makes the impossible possible, as you will see from three amazing south Mississippi women. They don’t sit idly by in puddles of self-pity waiting for deployment to end. They are completely engaged in the community. Their common bond is a dedicated network of military spouses helping each other overcome the struggles and the fears….


TREND WATCH: The new colors of Christmas

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by John Folding//   Have you ever wondered why traditional Christmas colors are red and green? For ancient people, these colors were vibrant and easily visible during the winter snows. Red berries kept birds and other creatures sustained during the winter, and if cut, the branches kept their color inside for decorating. Since then, the colors have taken on a more religious connotation with red being representative of the blood…

fall decor burlap wreath

Fall Decor: Use burlap for texture in fall wreaths, garlands

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By John D. Folding//   Summer barely started and now its fall.  As they say, time flies! We probably shouldn’t complain too much because autumn is the beginning of cooler temperatures and the promise of the holidays.  As you pull out your fall decorations, it’s a good time to take an inventory of your Christmas decorations to make sure storage hasn’t been too hard on them. Taking care of this…

cooking with herbs

Cooking With Herbs

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Dr. Lelia Scott Kelly//   We will never know exactly when or where people started cooking with herbs, but researchers agree that the custom is widespread and ancient – probably as ancient as cooking itself. There have been various theories put forth as to why man started using aromatic plants to season his food: to disguise the foul odor and taste of less than fresh food, to aid digestion, to…

makeup tips women on the go

Quick Make-up tips for women on the go!

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By Jackie Merlau//   The new school year means early mornings. If you’re like me, you’ll want to hit the snooze button to get in those extra Z’s.  How can you cut your beauty routine in half and make your morning time more manageable? Here are some quick tips for the woman on the go:   MOISTURIZE: Always moisturize! Investing in a tinted moisturizer is one of the best ways…